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What Boards Go to the Roof?

There are several types of materials used for the construction of the roof. However, the best, most reliable and proven of them is wood. In order for this part of the house to be characterized by high strength and reliability, it is important to know which boards go to the roof.

The life of the roof directly depends on the quality of the lumber used. When choosing a material, particular importance is given to the type of wood. Each of the existing types of wood is endowed with its own characteristics for strength and moisture resistance. The most suitable type of wood are conifers – spruce and pine.

Wooden boards, in addition to wood species, are distinguished by such characteristics as thickness and width. A good option for the construction of the roof is a board 50×100 worth 6300 p. per cube m. Also, when choosing a building material, it is important to consider the number of processing processes and the cleanliness of the surface of the board.
There are 5 types of conifers – from 0 to 4. The variety is determined by the presence of some defects – cracks, knots, chips, blue stains. These defects sometimes reduce the strength of the boards, so they should not be.

If you need to use the highest quality wood, you should choose extra grade boards. Sometimes a well-dried material is required, in this case, second-class boards are suitable, their moisture content will be no more than 12%.

There is also a glued beam, sometimes it is used instead of solid wood since such lumber is endowed with higher strength and resistance to deformation. But the cost of glued beams is several times higher than solid wood.

The use of laminated veneer boards becomes necessary when roofing with increased strength is required.

Roof wood is sold in the form of prefabricated truss structures. They are packaged by the number of boards in cubic meters. When buying lumber, you should take 10% more than indicated in the project. This rule is important to observe since the project does not take into account materials for clippings and waste. The moisture content of wood is an important indicator of its quality, it should not exceed 15–20%, otherwise harmful microorganisms can be found in lumber, and such material is also subject to rotting. To learn about the quality of the board will help its color and smell. Fresh material has a pleasant woody aroma and light color.

Buying pre-cut boards is always profitable because it is possible to reduce the amount of waste and the time of work on the erection of the roof.

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