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We Equip the Cottage With Comfort

As soon as spring comes, people begin to think about the cottage. Of course, many now go to the country no longer to grow fruits and vegetables there but to become closer to nature, and just relax. But for relaxation, a certain environment must be created. How to achieve it?
The first thing you should pay attention to is color. For example, white will always refresh and illuminate a room, but it is best not to go too far with it. If you add a little bright accessories, then white will become more intense. If there is no desire to use white, then it is best to choose not very bright warm shades.

Furniture also plays an important role. It is necessary that it be comfortable and take up not much space. For example, the folding furniture is indicative in this respect. It is convenient to use and quite comfortable. It is advisable to avoid sharp corners, but it is better to choose all the furniture with rounded corners. But here it is worth talking about the color scheme. She should not be provocative, but rather very calm.

It is worth mentioning the materials with which the house will be decorated. Once it will be in nature, respectively, and it is best to choose natural materials. Wooden panels will always look advantageous, but they have some drawbacks (they can deform and leak moisture). Then you should choose wallpaper with bamboo elements or magnolia leaves. If we talk about flooring, the best choice is parquet made of natural wood or laminate flooring of increased hardness.

It should be said about lighting. It should not be very bright, but not too dim. Blackout curtains can create a little subdued lighting during the day.

A relaxing atmosphere allows you to create some accessories. For example, you can put some decorative fountain or waterfall on the table: everyone knows how the murmur of water affects a person. Or you can install a small fireplace, because the kind of fire also has a calming effect, and it can also warm on cool evenings.

This is all, of course, good, but do not forget about amenities. If you do not want to connect to a centralized water supply and sewage system, then you can use a dry closet instead of a regular toilet (peat, for example, is now considered the best on the market).

We figured out the situation inside the house, but what about the outside? It should also be beautiful there. Many now like to put a swing or hang hammocks. There is nothing more relaxing than just lying in a hammock, swaying quietly. You can attach a small veranda, put a table with chairs there, and dine on it on hot days.

In any case, what is outside, what is inside, the atmosphere should be pleasant and cozy just for the summer residents themselves.

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