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Very often, owners of suburban cottages and summer cottages, having arrived with their first warm days to rest at their estates, find that there, during their absence, uninvited guests visited.

Agree, it is very unpleasant to discover a similar picture – more or less valuable things have been stolen, but all that remains is broken or scattered?

All summer residents are struggling with this problem in their own way, someone is building impregnable fences and releasing into the territory of the evil dog without a leash, someone is organizing a joint guard of the dacha cooperative and hiring a guard.

But there is a third option – installing a video surveillance system for a summer residence.
Using such a system, it is very simple to ensure the safety of a summer house or cottage during a period when the building is not in use. Considering modern CCTV systems, it is worth noting the existence of several options for its organization.

Often during the construction of modern cottage villages at the stage of their construction, a central video surveillance console is provided.

It receives recordings from all cameras installed in the village, which allows you to monitor the situation around the clock and ensure the safety of the property of the owners of cottages throughout the year. When building plots independently, video surveillance of a country house or cottage is in most cases organized together with the neighbors of the adjacent plots.

But, unfortunately, in the vicinity of cottages and cottage villages, there is not always a security post that could respond in a matter of minutes to a suspicious situation, so often thieves manage to escape from the scene before the arrival of the order. Modern IP video surveillance for summer cottages will help to solve the problem.

Having established network video surveillance on their site, users get the opportunity to independently view what happens in their absence, both in the building itself and in the adjacent territory in real-time via the Internet.

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, it is possible to view what is happening through network IP surveillance cameras not only using a computer. This can be done using a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

The benefits of installing a video surveillance system in the country are obvious! Thanks to her, the owner can always be aware of the events taking place in the country, to react in time to attempts to invade and protect his property. And if you additionally install a security alarm and motion sensors, you can get enhanced protection from unwanted guests.

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