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Modern Energy-Efficient Windows – a Great Choice in Favor of Warmth and Comfort

Each window is a complex structure, which includes the following elements: window sill, low tide, window frame, double-glazed windows, as well as accessories. Modern energy-efficient windows are not considered an exception. The main factor that distinguishes warm plastic windows from plastic double-glazed windows is their energy-saving glass. In this situation, a logical question arises: is the glass more responsible for the heat saving in the room than the window profile? Opinions on this subject are very controversial.

Most often, a plastic profile is about 15% of the total area of ​​the glazing. It is clear that the five-chamber PVC profile today has higher thermal insulation characteristics than the three-chamber. At the same time, 85% of the glazing area that remains is accounted for precisely by the glass. This creates an excellent opportunity to save heat and energy, as a result of which you can save money. All this can be achieved thanks to modern energy-saving double-glazed windows. In this case, it’s not very important whether you have hinged windows or sliding, wooden or plastic – modern energy-saving windows will keep the house warm and cozy.

Today, many manufacturers of these double-glazed windows provide a choice of buyers’ low-emission glass with a special metal coating and a special energy-saving film.
A special energy-saving film is a today a cheaper option when compared with models of i-glasses or even k-glasses. There is the possibility of applying it to an already fully installed double-glazed window, and, both from the inside of the room and, pay attention, from the facade – this is another numerous advantage of thin-film coating.

Also, the energy-saving film acts as a filter, which prevents the ingress of infrared radiation, and at the same time, it retains heat almost indoors 100%, thus creating a comfortable temperature regime. This discreet, energy-saving coating works throughout the year. In the winter season, warm PVC windows will provide an opportunity to save heat, and in the summer they will reliably protect the house from infrared solar radiation.

Since this coating, applied on top of the glass, is very thin and, at the same time, visually inconspicuous, energy-saving double-glazed windows retain their transparency, and their ability to transmit light is more than 70%. This is a higher indicator than the corresponding low-emission glasses using metal spraying. During the reflection of heat, the glass coated with the film heats up, thus not forming condensate. Thanks to this, the draft effect disappears.

The energy-saving film is a powerful protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation. It prevents burnout of furniture, wallpaper, and curtains.

Modern warm windows have a long service life due to the fact that the weather in Russia provides the opportunity to use a single-chamber double-glazed window, instead of the usual two-chamber. At the same time, reducing the weight of the energy-saving double-glazed window facilitates the entire structure, and also significantly reduces the load on its fittings. Thus, it provides easy and convenient use of the window during its opening and also prevents the possible sagging of the wings.

Modern, energy-efficient film-based coatings keep your home warm and save you money. This ensures safety because glass reinforced with a film is much stronger than its “ordinary” counterparts. And if the window breaks, the fragments will not be able to cause injury.
Today our company installs warm windows in the capital and its regions, making a discount of 41% to all new and regular customers. Detailed information on all types of modern energy-saving windows can be found on our official website.

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