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“King” Billiard Room: Game Table

Billiard room – a visiting card of the house and a place of relaxation for the whole family. Typical tables are acquired by ordinary people, and exclusive, collection ones – by representatives of the elites. These are wealthy buyers who seek to give the interior of the billiard-room the effect of elitism and aristocracy.

Indeed, historically, the home game of billiards is a symbol of high social status and exquisite taste. Therefore, game rooms are equipped in the attic or basement of the house, turning them into a “closed club” for selected visitors. But the circle of buyers of billiard tables is not limited to respectable people. These include those who are seriously interested in this sport.

From Country Houses to Apartments

A pool table is a “whimsical” product that requires space. Therefore, the main buyers are the owners of suburban real estate. Often a room is thought out even at the initial stage of planning a house. A separate room is reserved for billiards or, if this is not possible, combined with a living room, library or lounge.

They carry out transformations even in ready-made rooms, adapting cellars, utility rooms, attics and home cinemas to the game center. In apartments, billiard tables are installed less often, because it is more difficult to allocate a separate room. The main thing is to create comfortable conditions for the product: a dry microclimate, a temperature from +18 to +20, a place for a game.

Home Comfort or the Convenience of a Billiard Room?

Before buying, future owners are often bitten by doubts: is their choice justified? Or maybe it’s cheaper to be in the billiard-room? Buying gaming equipment is a one-time investment because a quality table lasts a long time. Therefore, the decisive factor is the availability of a suitable room and financial ability.

You can gather in your home billiard room daily, honing your game skills. This will save time and money in the future. Attending the same amount of time at a billiard club is unprofitable. In addition, business partners are often invited to the house to discuss important issues during the game. This is a sign of good taste and high style of doing business.

Table service life depends on the load. One of the rules of care is regular cleaning of the cloth with a horsehair brush. In between games, the table is covered with a cover, and the sides are wiped with a soft cloth. For cleaning, balls use a special tool. Periodically, you need to level and stretch – once a year.

Having decided to purchase a pool table, do not hesitate. After all, craftsmen often make tables to order. Therefore, you have to stand in the “queue”. The production of one table takes ten days. You can choose the shape, size, color, and material of the product.

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