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How to Insulate the Floor in a Country House?

When installing underfloor heating, the conditions for living in the house are significantly improved. Particularly warm floors are relevant for families in which there are small children.
There are several options for how to insulate the floor in a country house so that living in it even in the coldest weather is cozy and comfortable.

The arrangement of the floor depends on whether there is a basement under the house or if it is located on the cold ground. If your country house has a basement, before installing a warm floor, you need to take care of the dryness of the underground space.

To do this, ventilation holes are made in the basement, which will provide a natural flow and outflow of air.

In the old house, you can completely disassemble the floor and lay a new one. But such an approach to warming becomes inevitable only in one case – when the ceilings in the house are low and there is no way to increase the level of flooring.

For the insulation of floors, several types of building materials can be used – polystyrene foam, expanded clay, mineral wool. You can buy any of these materials or use the underfloor heating installation service by visiting the official Teplodom website.

A relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly material is expanded clay. Indisputable advantages include durability and moisture resistance. However, this material has its significant drawbacks – its thermal insulation properties are much lower than that of mineral wool and polystyrene.

Polyfoam – the made foam polymeric material which for 90% consists of air bubbles. The material is endowed with a lower thermal conductivity than expanded clay, while its moisture resistance is equally high. The only significant drawback of polystyrene foam is its very low environmental friendliness.

By installing underfloor heating using foam, the entire period of operation of the material will emit toxic substances – phenolic compounds that are dangerous to human health. In the process of strong heating, the foam melts and emits toxic smoke.

Mineral wool is today one of the most popular insulation materials. It is endowed with high thermal insulation properties, while it is absolutely harmless to humans. The most optimal insulation layer is 100 mm, the material will not let cold air and extraneous sounds into the house. After the floors are insulated, care must be taken to protect them with carpet or another flooring.

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