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How to Get Rid of Ants in your House

Ants, or Formicidae Latreille, belong to the species of hymenoptera insects, provided with membranous wings.

Some families of this species live in castes, while others lead a solitary life. The best known hymenoptera are the bees, wasps and ants, which are part of the suborder of the Apocrites, with thinned bodies. To get more specific information about how to get rid of carpenter ants, check out the carpenter ant control guide.

How they are made

Ants are typically black, but you can also find yellow, red and green ants. Their body consists of head, chest and abdomen. They have a large mug apparatus, jaws and sensory antennae, which allow them to smell and follow them. They have six legs and their size varies depending on the type: worker ants measure between 1 and 30 mm while queen ants can even measure 6 cm.

How they reproduce

Ants are divided into males and females. The females, called queens, are the fertilizing ants and lay their eggs after mating with the males, the worker ants.

Immediately after being fertilized, the queens lose their wings while the worker ants die.

Habits and feeding

Ants live in society, creating furrows in the earth and trees, the ant farms, but not always permanently. Some types of ants are in fact nomads.

A “society” composed of ants is divided into queen ants, whose purpose is to reproduce, and worker ants. These in turn are divided into smaller workers, who take care of the ants, and larger workers, who take care of the defense.

Ants feed on pollen, seeds and other insects. But that’s not all.

Why do ants like sugar?

You know, ants have a great passion for sugar. In fact, these insects eat, among others, honeydew, a sweet liquid produced by plant lice. In fact, ants are able to find aphids and “milk” this sugary liquid whose taste is obviously similar to that of our sugar.

Are ants harmful to humans?

Some types of ants are harmful because they sting.

Other ants instead infest and damage to find food, and invade mainly pantries and food stores.

How to get rid of ants

There are natural methods that help prevent ant infestations. An example are cloves which, scattered here and there on the floor or in the corners of the house, give off a strong smell to which ants are quite sensitive.

Another natural method is the exact opposite of what they love the most: salt. Spreading coarse salt in the house, on windowsills and in kitchen furniture keeps ants away.

However, if the ant invasion becomes unmanageable and if the infested places are workplaces or public places, it is better to turn to a pest control company.

Ants help the environment!

Ants can be a panacea for the environment. Their being predators of insects meant that thousands of years ago some people (such as Arabs) used them to avoid infestations of plantations and crops.

In addition, they are able to raise cattle just like us. In fact, in order to obtain honeydew, the sugary liquid produced by aphids, they defend and cure plant lice that, otherwise, would not be able to protect themselves from any kind of insect.

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