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Energy Efficient Home

Are you already building your own country house? Literally, a few weeks separate you from the realization of a long-term dream.

And you are already looking forward to wandering among the luxurious interiors designed according to your taste and sense of style.

And in the evenings it’s comfortable to sit in a chair by the fireplace with a fascinating book in hand. Well, the plans are great, and you figured out what they will turn into your family budget?

Pennies necessarily add up to rubles. And thousands come from rubles. You can easily verify this yourself from your own experience.

To get started, install water and gas meters in the house. Literally, the first month of your stay in a new house will provide you with convincing evidence that the established standards and actual consumption are far from the same. Moreover, as you might guess, payment according to meter readings is noticeably lower than the amount that would have to be laid out on the basis of regulatory calculations.

But this is far from the whole amount that can be saved with a rational approach to solving energy conservation issues. Well, for example, look at the amount that costs your individual heating your home. Do you think the only way to reduce it is to lower the air temperature in the rooms? But no.

It is enough for residents of the Khabarovsk Territory to invite the specialists of the Khabarovsk Energy Service company to actually see the modesty of their slogan “Save up to 1000 rubles a month!”.

The energy audit of your country house conducted by their experts will certainly surprise you with its results. You will experience even greater surprise by fulfilling all the recommendations received as a result of the energy audit.

Under certain circumstances, the amount you spent on a monthly basis to pay for the gas burned in the boiler may decrease by more than a thousand rubles.

Moreover, mind you, the rooms did not get colder. On the contrary, the elimination of problems in thermal insulation made it possible to get rid of the slightest drafts. And the house became much more comfortable than before.

In general, one should think about the energy efficiency of a country house at the stage of developing its project. And the obligatory energy audit before putting the building into operation will allow you to get rid of the slightest loopholes through which heat will disappear from the house, and far from the excess money will irrevocably flow from the family budget.

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