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Electric pizza oven, how to choose the right model?

Buying the best electric pizza oven commercial is not something you can do without thinking it through. In many cases, in order to be able to buy the most suitable model for your business, it is good to make a series of arguments. Let’s see some tips not to make mistakes.

Installing an electric pizza oven in your pizzeria involves having already made a choice, that of not using a wood-fired oven for your environment. The power factor is not the only one to take into account when making this type of purchase.

To help people who are not yet sure of the choice to make, below you can find a series of tips to simplify your choice. Depending on your type of business and your needs during the service, you may have a number of changes to make in your choice.

Choose the size of the cooking cabinet

The greater the number of pizzas to bake, the larger the size of the pizza cooking chamber must be. There is no point in buying an oven of a suitable size only to partially cover your needs, or a possible higher demand.

In the event of a large request, for an event or an order out of the ordinary, it is good to have a baking chamber that is able to meet this problem.

Number of hobs

If your laboratory is not large, thanks to the possibility of using electricity to power the oven, you can make the decision to purchase an electric current oven with several hobs.

The choice of this solution, in the most recent models the cooking tops can be managed independently without major problems, allows you to have the possibility to use one top for cooking pizza and the other for cooking another dish. In the moment of full service, both hobs can be used to cook pizza without big problems, becoming an ace up your sleeve to play only in case of problems.

Choose a model with good service

Before making a purchase, evaluate the two options described above, it is a good idea to check the presence of a service that will allow you to sleep soundly. Having a company that can handle breakages and unforeseen events is important for a company that wants to be able to provide quality service to its customers.

If during the service a break or a problem blocks the cooking of pizzas, only having a professional service can solve the problem in a short time.

The choice of a pizza oven in a restaurant or pizzeria is to be done with great care, as it can bring a huge advantage of operation both in the phases before the service and during the actual service.

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