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Diy Construction of a Rectangular Arbor Made of Wood

A gazebo made of wood with your own hands is another option of a small architectural firm for the garden, capable of not only decorating the landscape of the site but also creating a wonderful place for relaxation in the summer cottage area. And if you put an electric stove under a wooden canopy, then such a structure will become a favorite place for the hostess to prepare winter preparations.

All arbors, in contrast to the attached terraces, are built away from the apartment building. By design and type, they can be very different: brick, metal, wooden, light and airy or more solid, round, rectangular, hexagonal, open or glazed, etc.

The choice of construction and building materials depends on the purpose of the gazebo and the place where it will be located, as well as on the capabilities and desire of the owners of the site.

In any case, the garden gazebo differs from the residential house in a lighter construction and should create an atmosphere of unity with nature, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the garden. This is a place where you can retire, shelter from heat or rain.
In this material, you will learn how to make a rectangular arbor with your own hands from wood and how to conduct electrical wiring in it.

Do-It-Yourself Preparation for the Construction of a Summer Summer House

To build a gazebo from a tree with your own hands, for a start you can put a simple awning, which will later become the basis for the construction of a gazebo decorated with garden plants, or a tent in oriental style. To build such a corner of rest is within the power of any person far from construction, and in this case, one can show one’s own ingenuity and imagination.

As at the beginning of any other construction, before making a gazebo of wood with your own hands, you need to determine the place where the building will be located. In this case, it is important to orient it to the cardinal points and take into account the direction of the wind, as well as the features of the relief and the level of occurrence of groundwater.

The size of the structure depends on how many people it is planned to place in it. Next, decide whether to make it open or glazed.

After that, you can begin to work on the drawing of the gazebo. The more thoughtful the plan is, the clearer the further actions will be, therefore, a detailed drawing of the structure and its individual parts with the designation of all sizes will simplify the work in the future and will help to avoid errors.
It is important to think through everything to the smallest detail – what should be the foundation, what materials are needed for the frame, roof, and roof. This will allow you to immediately purchase everything you need and get to work.

How to Make the Foundation of a Garden Wooden Gazebo With Your Own Hands

The foundation for the construction of a gazebo made of wood with your own hands is required in cases where it is planned to build a heavy structure, the groundwater on the site lies high enough or the place for the gazebo is selected on a slope.

The foundation can be tape made of concrete, brick or stone. In the first case, cement should be used, the grade of which should exceed the desired concrete grade by 2-3 times. A filler should be added to the concrete solution – sand, gravel or gravel. The proportions to be observed when mixing the mortar are usually indicated on the cement packaging.
The brick is recommended to use solid, moisture resistant and well burned.

For waterproofing the foundation, a roll of insulating material is required – roofing material, roofing or glassine. In addition, bitumen mastic is required to secure the roll material.

Do-It-Yourself Floor Laying in a Wooden Gazebo at the Cottage

If you plan to build a garden gazebo made of wood with your own hands without a foundation, there are several floor options in it. The easiest of them is an earthen floor, which is enough to carefully level and tamp. True, in this case, you will have to endure certain inconveniences, especially during rain. Therefore, usually in gazebos either a wooden floor is laid, or the coating is tiled either from natural or artificial stone.

Edged boards are used for the wooden floor. It is better to select wood so that it is combined with the overall design of the gazebo.

If the floor in the arbor for a summer house made of wood is tiled, it is advisable to give preference to matte ceramic tiles, since glossy is very slippery and can cause injuries. In addition, the tile must be selected with a flat surface, so that later on it could be installed garden furniture. To lay the tiles you will need a cement mortar with the addition of sand in a ratio of 1: 3, as well as a special mastic for sealing joints.

Such a floor, like a tiled floor, will be cold in almost any weather, but the wooden floor heats up quickly, so in hot weather, the gazebo will not be very comfortable.

Diy Materials for Making the Frame of a Summer Arbor From a Tree

For the frame of the gazebo, metal or wood is most often used. Of course, it is possible to build brick or stone supports, the openings between which are then either glazed or equipped with a railing.

As a result, the construction is more durable, but it will take much longer to work with these materials.

Forged metal gazebos require minimal effort since they are usually delivered ready-made. You just need to choose the shape and decor of the gazebo, and then, after installing it, do the interior. Such arbors are, of course, stronger and more durable than all others.

In order to build a beautiful gazebo with your own hands, a tree is most suitable. Commonly used universal larch or other conifers, such as pine, spruce or cedar. Raw materials delivered from tropical countries – teak wood, kumara, iroko – will require considerable financial costs, although ultimately the construction will be distinguished by its durability and exquisite beauty. But for a garden gazebo, this is perhaps unnecessary.

First of all, a tree for a summer arbor, built by oneself, must be treated with a special antiseptic composition to protect it from destruction.

Materials for the Manufacture of a Roof Arbors From a Tree for a Summer Residence

The style of any structure is ultimately determined by its roof. This also applies to garden arbors. Of course, the roof of the gazebo made of wood made by yourself should look decent and at the same time not only correspond to the style of the building itself but also not be out of the general style in which the entire site is designed. For roofing, you can use not only wood but also tiles, metal, online.

In small construction, wood is considered one of the most affordable materials. It is most suitable in cases where construction is carried out alone. In addition, a minimum of tools is required for its processing. A wooden roof in a simple arbor, built by yourself, is very economical, but you can not forget about the shortcomings of this material. Wood is very flammable, especially in hot weather, and without additional care, its appearance quickly deteriorates – it warps and darkens. But for a wooden garden gazebo, just such a roof is most suitable.

Surprisingly durable tiled roofs. Currently, in the construction of the roof, metal tiles, soft tiles and ceramic tiles are used. To make a wooden gazebo with your own hands, this material is the best fit – it is easy to use, it is easy to work with. Tile sheets can be laid at different angles, which allows you to create roofs with a complex configuration. In addition, on sale there is a tile of different colors and with different surface relief.

Metal (aluminum and steel sheets) is less suitable for building a gazebo roof. It is very strong and durable, but susceptible to corrosion and requires constant care. In addition, during the rain, such a roof will “rattle” heavily, which is unlikely to help relax and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Ondulin is another roofing material with long service life. It is reliable, tolerates atmospheric precipitation and resists biological effects (mold, etc.). Ondulin is distinguished by good soundproofing properties and attracts with its decorative effect.
In the next section of the article, you can find step-by-step instructions for making a wooden gazebo with your own hands.

How to Make a Beautiful Garden Gazebo From a Tree With Your Own Hands: Video, Photo and Step-By-Step Instruction

The first step in the step-by-step production of a gazebo made of wood with your own hands is the preparation of a project plan indicating the dimensions of the entire structure and its details. Suppose you plan to build a rectangular wooden gazebo with an area of ​​3.5 x 2.2 m and a height of 2.5 m. Such a gazebo can easily accommodate 8 people.

The site selected for construction is cleared, marking is carried out on it, pegs are driven in and a fishing line is pulled between them. Then the dimensions are reconciled. On one of the large sides of the rectangle, the entry point is marked. Support poles will be installed at the corners of the building and in the middle of the wide sides.

If the floor of the gazebo is laid with paving tiles, this will save a lot of money. Then, four pits with a depth of 0.5 m are dug at the corners of the perimeter, into which columns 3 m high and a cross-section of 100 X 100 are then installed. In addition, in the middle of each of the large sides, one more such column is installed. Previously, the underground part of the pillars should be treated with tar and wrapped with roofing material.

When all the pillars of the future wooden arbor for a summer house built by your own hands are installed in the pits, they must be aligned in height and horizon. To fix the pillars during their alignment, you can use rails 3 m long, which are fixed between the posts in several places. It is very important to set the posts exactly in level.

Then, cement mortar is poured into the pits, which will harden in a day. Now you can install on the upper edges of the posts a strapping from a bar with a cross-section of 50 x 100 mm on all four sides of the frame. It is necessary to check the level of the horizon again, after which the beam can be fixed. In the corners of the gazebo at the intersection of the bars, you should choose quarters so that the strapping turns out to be even on all sides.
After that, you can begin to manufacture a gable roof from shingles.

On each long side of the gazebo, 4 rafters are installed, which are then connected by a horizontal cross member to form a design in the form of the letter “A”.

This roof structure is very simple, but at the same time reliable. Finished rafter structures are installed on the strapping beam, connected to each other by rails and also attached to the beam. You may need outside help to complete this work.

After that, the roof is covered with OSB sheets or plywood. Plate thickness should not be less than 12 mm. As the plates are fixed, the slats are removed. After that, bituminous tiles are laid and the roof ridge and protective strips are mounted on the edges.

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