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Dining Room Design of a Country House

Having a country house, in terms of its design, you can realize any old dream or a non-standard idea. Only in a country house can completely different styles be combined, while such rooms will look just fine.

The design of the dining room of a country house depends on many factors, but, first of all, it is important to consider what place it occupies.

Recently, the open space option has become especially popular when one room serves as a kitchen, dining room and living room.

In this case, separate zoning is assumed, where each zone – the kitchen, dining room and living room, may have some differences in the style of the interior.

For zoning, when choosing the dining room option in the form of open space, many wooden elements are used. You can separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room with the help of paintings that harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room.

The functionality of the zones can be distinguished with the help of lighting. To illuminate the working area where the cooking process takes place, more often use spotlights or LED decorative lighting. Ceiling lamps with soft diffused light are suitable for lighting the dining room.

The interior is distinguished by luxury, sophistication and high cost of all its constituent elements.

The most common styles for decorating the dining room in a country house are rustic, country, modern, minimalism and Japanese style. A good option would be the decision to bring the dining room in the country as close as possible to the landscape outside the window, using the appropriate materials. When decorating the dining room, natural materials are most often used – wood, stone, ceramics, granite.

For those who want to create an elegant and at the same time the soulful design of the dining room, neoclassicism should be preferred. For modern classics, the use of light wall panels, stucco decorations, sconces with textile lampshades is characteristic. The dining room in the neoclassical style cannot do without expensive elite furniture.

With a small area of ​​the room with the aim of its visual expansion, it is desirable to design a dining room in bright colors. The atmosphere of this room of a country house will become cozy, warm and comfortable. As for the flooring for this luxurious style, it is best to choose tinted oak floors.

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