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Design of Curtains for a Summer Residence

Many people, having suburban real estate, spend their vacation there, away from the city. Most housewives make sure that the atmosphere of the cottage contributes to a comfortable and pleasant pastime. They try to pay due attention to all the details, this also applies to the design of a country window.

Curtains in the country can be of different colors, textures, styles and price category, it all depends on the taste of the hostess of the house.

The design of curtains for a summer residence can be the most diverse, in principle, this element of housing is not much different from its arrangement in a city apartment.
For a country house, modest curtains made in a rustic style are perfect.

You can use fabric with a bright floral print, the image of fruits or vegetables, but such curtains are suitable only for the kitchen.

Staying in this room at home, on the windows of which there will be such curtains, you can feel the maximum unity with nature and enjoy breakfast or dinner. For a rustic style, curtains made of materials such as chintz, cotton, linen are well suited.

Country style curtains are another design option for a country window. The curtains of this style are characterized by a motley cage or strip, abstract or geometric motifs, such side dishes are perfectly combined with wicker country furniture.

If the country house has a fireplace or many metal objects, it is best to hang heavy curtains made of linen on the windows. They are well suited for summer cottages since they reliably protect from sunlight, almost do not get dirty, and retain their new look for a long time.
It is popular in the design of the interior in the country and the Mediterranean style. It can have several varieties, but the main ones are Italian and Greek. When arranging a country house in the style of the Italian Mediterranean, stylists recommend giving preference to curtains of cold colors – white, blue, blue. The Greek Mediterranean style is characterized by a warmer color scheme, so beige, sand, olive, and yellow curtains are suitable.

If blinds are installed on the windows of the country house, it will be quite enough to hang a translucent tulle or light curtains. For those housewives who love when the kitchen window is closed only to the windowsill, French curtains with many ruffles and ruffles will be the right choice.

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