Guest Page

George of the Jungle

Happy Couple - Kevin and Liz

Here are some guest Comments:

Everyone likes the view!

Jane Hell liked the " personal touch and good conversation.”
Marcy Steenblik liked especially the quiet for a restful time and the walk.
Broc Finkbeiner enjoyed " the comfortable atmosphere and the stories.”
David Sawyer also liked the good conversation and the friendliness.
Kristin and Josh liked "the warm, friendly atmosphere.”
Jaime Schmidt appreciated "the wonderful hospitality.”
Lindsay and Neal, before Neal left for Iraq, enjoyed "the hot tub, the coziness of the room and the healthy breakfast.”
Judy King actually liked hearing about the history of the area as well as the hospitality.

We, Per and I, think we are so lucky to have found our acres and truly enjoy sharing it with the wonderful people who come to our B&B (as well as the wild animals who visit us).